This Jang Wonyoung Is Fxxking Insane..

I fxxking thought she was a rookie actress.. Beauty maxed out.


1. [+77][-8] Normally the first time you see a celeb you go ‘wow~’ but you eventually get used to their faces and very soon you’ll just be like ‘yeah they’re pretty’. With her it’s different though, I’m amazed every time I see her keke. It’s hard to become prettier but that’s exactly what she’s doing everyday. Is she a celeb from heaven..

2. [+56][-3] Not only does she have a pretty face but her skin is also like a ‘boiled egg’ (fair and smooth)…

3. [+43][-3] Her skin is fxxking good *trembles*

4. [+16][-2] For someone like me who’s suffering from blackheads and acne, all I notice is her skin… Fxxk.

5. [+8][-2] I feel like Jang Wonyoung really suits the image of a model for Etude House.telegr