On her way to film ‘TV Animal Farm’.

Her hair, her makeup and her outfit all suit her perfectly, she’s fxxking pretty.

And also, Joy and Yeri said on Bubble that Red Velvet’s preparing for a Japanese album

Red Velvet ReVel Joy Yeri


1. [+49][-6] I thought her outfit was pretty that’s why I went to search it up. Her top is from Chanel and her skirt is from Zara keke A match between a luxury brand and a specialty retailer keke Beautiful.


2. [+40][-7] I feel like Joy’s getting prettier.

3. [+35][-6] All her pics on IG are freaking pretty, even the selfies she sends on Bubble are insanely beautiful ㅠ


4. [+27][-5] When she suddenly smiles, I kinda see her baby face from before ㅠㅠㅠ Fxxking pretty.

5. [+12][-2] I’m so fxxking jealous of Crush, seriously ㅠㅠ

6. [+26][-4] Wow that outfit is so my style..Joy, this look suits you really well.

7. [+21][-19] Upvote downvote to keep away antis comments.

8. [+21][-4] Her hair is nice too kekekeke half-tied on the way home from work, so pretty.