NCT Taeyong On SNL Was Shocking ㅋㅋ

Ya Taeyong ah, you played your role too f**king well.


1. [+229][-4] He’s daebak amazingly handsome.

2. [+282][-5] I’m really dead.

3. [+272][-5] Seriously, when I was watching it, I couldn’t breathe kekekeke

4. [+109][-0] Oh wow

5. [+73][-0] I think he’ll do well if he acts.

6. [+61][-0] Legend in the making.

7. [+60][-0] Apologising for hitting the table while moonwalking kekekekekekekeke It was really too funny.

8. [+49][-1] His AI acting was also very good. As expected of Lee Taeyong.