aespa Karina’s Face Is Really Interesting

She really looks fxxking beautiful in MVs but when you see her in interviews or variety shows she just looks so ordinary for a celeb…


1. [+126][-26] What on earth makes you think she looks ordinary?

2. [+99][-15] But when you look at Karina, you realise how important your face shape and proportions are compared to your facial features.. All celebs have good-looking facial features but because her neckline and her curves are ethereal it makes her look a few times more mysterious and beautiful.

3. [+72][-27] ? You can tell straight away that she’s a celeb kekekeke. Your inferiority complex is ugly.

4. [+35][-0] She may not be a conventional beauty but its not hard to see why her fans rave about her. She has a pretty face, and her beauty rather than being universal, is the kind that those who like it will like it immensely.

5. [+33][-0] Her face does change every day. She feels like a different person every time. It’s true that she has an interesting face. But her face is definitely not ordinary.. keke

6. [+12][-11] This is not from the music video but an unedited image from a live performance.

7. [+11][-2] Yeah, she’s f**king pretty

8. [+8][-4] When she removes her makeup, it’s so interesting how she looks like a baby.