Menu for an hour:

Beef (10 portions)

Pork (15 portions)

Pork ribs (8 portions)

Rolled omelette by The8

Kimchi stew by Dokyeom

Mussels gambas


Bibimmyeon (mixed spicy cold noodles)

Jjapaghetti by Hoshi


There are 9 guys in NCT 127. They ordered 3 portions of baeksuk (chicken soup) and 1 portion of dakbokkeumtang (spicy braised chicken) but they only ate this little. They left most of the pajeon (green onion pancake) and acorn jelly untouched too. How are they mukjjangs (people who love to eat)? Get ’em all out.

I can finish a portion of samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) with a whole ass chicken in it..


Does NCT Dream only take a bite to taste the food? They have 7 people but they said they’re done eating and they started cleaning up when this much was left.

Hwaiting! Hwaiting!

Wow, 2 adult males,

and they don’t even finish 2 packs of ramen.

In NCT, 2 members can’t finish 2 packs of ramen, 7 members say 5 packs of bibimmyeon is too much for them. Meanwhile on a normal day, SEVENTEEN cooks 20 portions of noodles in a big stock pot and they finish everything kekekekekekekekekekekekeke All I can say is, both teams are amazing…


1. [+464][-3] Is that real? For both teams?

2. [+357][-7] And for NCT, half of that is eaten by Jungwoo Kim…

3. [+270][-4] I’m worried about how even the 7 members of NCT say 5 packs of ramen is too much…. Like seriously how little do they eat..

4. [+149][-2] There’s a reason why they are called fxxking-skinny-CT. Seriously, NCT have no fat on them at all. They’re fxxking skinny.

5. [+138][-0] The8, who eats the least in SEVENTEEN, will prolly become the biggest eater if he joins NCT…… First of all, Kim Mingyu in SEVENTEEN.. eats so fxxking much.

6. [+125][-0] No but Seventeen had 13 men in their early to mid-20s who played in the scorching sun the whole day. Isn’t it normal to be hungry and eat that much after that..? Do you think they would be able to be fit and be an idol by eating that much on a normal basis..?

7. [+106][-0] is it that 9 strong men in their 20s couldn’t eat all 4 chickens..??

8. [+87][-0] Of course we need to have some self-management, but some people just have a lot of appetite..but there are also people like Mark and Jeno who seem to just eat to live, as I’ve never seen them talk about food. Please take half of my appetite ㅠㅠ

8. [+63][-0] I’m curious about Seventeen’s metabolism….