The one looking like a tiny bean is Jennie kekekeke Ahhh freaking cute… Come home safe from France, Jendeuk❤️

Sorry for the bad screenshots ㅠㅠ


1. [+102][-10] Jennie is the main in BP but she can’t be the main on every stage… It’s already amazing how she’s standing together with those top models.

2. [+89][-9] Maybe because the height difference is too huge, but she really doesn’t fit in.. She should’ve sat down for the photoshoot actually.

3. [+67][-12] Jennie.

3. [+65][-46] Why is she the back dancer there??

4. [+41][-14] The models must’ve found it funny too. For models, even ~175cm is considered short, and all of a sudden a 160 pops up.

5. [+40][-0] The problem is not because she’s not a Westerner. It’s purely because she’s short that’s why she doesn’t fit in. It wouldn’t be weird at all if a tall model or celeb was there instead of Jennie.

6. [+28][-27] If there is a Korean idol among famous top models, you guys should be proud of it. Instead you’re here, calling her short. What kind of personality do you all live with?

7. [+24][-1] Top models are indeed amazing, the aura they live with.

8. [+14][-9] Ah ke ke ke ke Jennie is not a person that you guys should try to discredit using appearance as a reason.