What’s the reason why the dance practice video is so much better than their stage performances?


1. [+241][-2] Is this crazy? Just go on music shows with that please.

2. [+163][-4] Yuna’s really fxxking pretty. She’s like a high-teen queen card (very pretty girl).

3. [+130][-29] Chaeryeong is fxxking pretty these days after dying her hair red.

4. [+77][-130] It’s a bit of a shame that… Chaeryeong is the center in the last pic..

5. [+65][-83] You seriously really can’t diss their visuals.

6. [+62][-4] They signed a contract with Adidas, so it seems that Adidas coordinated the outfits. But its so pretty.

7. [+60][-9] Hey, why are some of you always dissing Chaeryong? It’s really mean.

8. [+57][-17] Chaeryong in red hair, I really like it ㅠㅠ