Innisfree uploaded the behind cuts as part of their Chuseok greetings and she’s really super duper beautiful….. She really suits this fresher style so fxxking well.

I hope she didn’t only take photoshoots for this ad, hope we get to see her in a TV ad as well… Please

Starship, let her debut soon please.


1. [+48][-5] Whenever there’s a picture of Jang Wonyoung being uploaded, whether it’s on Instagram or anywhere else, it’s really amazing how she always makes it to the Talkers’ Choice. She’s really such a hot topic kekeke

2. [+48][-5] She looks prettier when she’s smiling. I envy her beautiful smile.

3. [+46][-5] Since when did this kid become so much more mature?

4. [+38][-4] I feel like this kind of cute lovely face is very likeable.

5. [+27][-2] Her outfit is fxxking pretty. She looks really good with the half-up hairstyle too.

6. [+21][-17] Upvote downvote in advance.

7. [+21][-2] If I wore this dress, I feel like I would look like a frog, instead of a flower like her. Jang Wonyoung is really pretty.

8. [+21][-2] Wow, how would if feel to live with a face like that? My baby is really pretty.