Because of ‘Thunderous’, I’m searching all SKZ videos and watching them now. Honestly, isn’t Han also a member of Dance Racha (sub unit – Lee Know, Hyunjin & Felix)??! I watched his fancam for ‘Back Door’ on ‘Weekly Idol’ and wow….


1. [+52][-0] But there’s no one who’s particularly stiff in SKZ. All of them dance well. Especially the dance line.

2. [+51][-0] That’s what I’m saying, he’s really multitalented. He writes lyrics and composes songs too. His position is rap, but he’s basically in charge of the main vocal like Seungmin, and he dances well too.

3. [+46][-1] But in SKZ, whether it’s dancing or singing live, there’s really not a single one of them who’s incompetent..

4. [+20][-0] I think he’s one of the top 3 all-rounded idols that I know of.. Production, rap, singing, dancing, sense of humor – he’s good at everything.

5. [+15][-0] Please show lots of support to our Hannie♥

6. [+15][-0] Is there another rapper who sings high notes in the chorus and dances in the centre? That’s exactly what he does❣️

7. [+12][-0] Thank you for you kinds words, this makes me so happy.

8. [+12][-0] Our Ji-sung is so cute.

9. [+10][-0] Among all-rounder idols, isn’t he the most perfect or outstanding? He can rap, sing and dance. And he produces too…