The Finisher: Guys’ Face vs Height

There’s a phrase called ‘face genius’,

But no such thing as ‘height genius’.

There’s a saying that goes ‘You’re uselessly tall’,

But no such thing as ‘You’re uselessly good-looking’.

It’s common to see couples reconcile after the girl looks at their bf’s handsome face when they’re arguing,

But I’ve never heard of anyone saying they reconcile after the girl looks at their bf’s tall height.


1. [+688][-15] When you say someone’s tall, you don’t really mean only their height right..? I thought it’s just about one’s physique.. 180cm tall anchovy-looking fxxking ugly guy vs 168cm tall Im Siwan. Obviously you would choose the latter right? If I care about my height difference with Siwanie, I’ll wear flip-flops even if it’s winter just to go on a date with him.

2. [+531][-27] There are so fxxking many tall guys but not many good-looking guys, that’s why.

3. [+398][-14] Even people who like tall guys will prioritise face after dating a good-looking guy haha. It do be like that.

4. [+344][-1] He’s tall too > The only thing is he’s short > All he has is height > He’s short too.

(Editor’s note: basically saying handsome + tall > handsome + short > not handsome + tall > not handsome + short).

5. [+233][-4] I will feel sad if a good-looking guy is short, but if a tall guy is ugly nothing goes through my mind…

6. [+213][-4] I get fxxking pissed off when guys bring out Im Siwan whenever they start talking about height. Do they think they are on the same level as Im Siwan to compare themselves with him just because he’s not too tall?

7. [+109][-4] Being tall has no use keke It’s useless and guys only talk about it when showing off power kekeke When talking about guys, it’s the face that’s important.

8. [+104][-5] Y’all choose (upvote; downvote) : Super fxxking handsome face, your ideal type, but 170cm tall vs So-so face, not your ideal type, but 185cm tall.

9. [+101][-6] Handsome, tall guy > Handsome, average-height guy > Handsome, short guy = Tall, average-looking guy > Tall, ugly guy > Short, average-looking guy > Short, ugly guy. Is that ok with the guys?

10. [+84][-1] If they’re handsome but short they’re cute. But if they’re fxxking tall but ugly they’re just an attacking titan.

11. [+59][-1] After seeing what everyone is saying, that seems right.