Out of the girl groups from smaller agencies who succeeded, which one had the most impact?



3. Oh My Girl

4. Brave Girls

5. Apink

6. T-ara


8. Girl’s Day

There could be more

That I’m not aware of

Or that I cannot remember

Maybe I’m ignorant

How dare I..

Once again, my bad..

Though all of them had great impact,

if I had to choose just one, it would be GFRIEND.


1. [+186][-4] In terms of overall impact and number of songs released, it would be T-ara followed by Apink. SISTAR is strong in terms of music charts.

2. [+117][-9] Compared to the 3rd gen, I don’t really know the girl groups from the past that well so I would say Apink and GFRIEND ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Seriously, I was watching their encore stages just a moment ago ㅠㅠ

3. [+58][-35] But honestly if we’re talking about impact, personally I think it’s Apink. Apink was successful because they introduced ‘innocence’ into the girl group market which was focused on ‘sexiness’ at the time. Ever since, the innocent concept revived and rookie girl groups debuting after Apink’s success with this concept all followed the same concept. Though the concept has changed these days but still. Anyway, I feel like Apink formed the foundation for the debut of groups that follow the innocent concept like GFRIEND (obviously GFRIEND’s concept is ‘powerful innocent’) and Oh My Girl. I’m not saying they copied Apink, what I mean is Apink was a huge influence in converting the mainstream concept from sexy → innocent. Also, when I was a fan of idols for a while back then, Apink and EXO were tier 1 groups during that era, that’s why to me Apink is the group with the biggest impact.

4. [+53][-7] I still listen to GFRIEND’s School Trilogy Mashup (Glass Bead x Me Gustas Tu x Rough) and ‘Navillera’ till this day ㅠㅠ

5. [+47][-24] People on Pann are still attacking GFRIEND.. Obviously I don’t think they’re one-top. but it’s true that at their peak they were able to compete with groups from big agencies and they were quite successful. They had so many fxxking title tracks in the beginning and they had many starts.

6. [+42][-3] For real, Apink who was a tier 1 and T-ara who was so close to tier 1 are the best.

7. [+39]-2] T-ara and Apink.

8. [+33][-3] If we look at this based on concept, Apink basically brought the innocent concept back to life so Apink must be impactful too.

9. [+30][-2] T-ara and Apink are the real ones.

10. [+28][-3] Apink’s really… legendary.
11. [+28][-12] But why do people on Pann hate GFRIEND and Oh My Girl so much? It’s true that GFRIEND’s annual results / achievements in the beginning were impressive but when you compare them with the 2nd gen you always disregard them. Oh My Girl as well, whenever they create records like girl group to stay on the charts for the longest period or when looking at their first week album sales, they’re really impressive but why is it like this here? Even under posts sharing idol pictures, I always see GFRIEND / OMG fans sharing pics among themselves. That’s enough, just stop it. I’m not their fan, I’m a boy group stan but everytime I see people shitting on their achievements saying they’re nothing, I find it disgusting.