‘Butter’ is No.1 on The Billboard Hot 100!!

They went back to No.1 again ever since August 7th kekekekekekeke

Congrats BTS

Congrats ARMYs


1. [+405][-4] ‘Butter’ = song with the most Billboard No.1s this year / 40th single to maintain the No.1 spot for over 10 weeks in the history of the Billboard chart / Billboard top summer song of 2021 / VMA song of the year, nomination for best pop. 

2. [+345][-4] BTS is really amazing.

3. [+342][-5] This is a song released in May. Congrats.

4. [+102][-1] BTS twitter a year ago today.jpg

5. [+87][-0] One year ago, ‘Dynamite’ was No.1, this year it’s ‘Butter’. ㅎuㅎ

6. [+64][-0] I didn’t think they would, but they really went back up to No.1.

7. [+59][-0] That’s insane.

8. [+50][-0] What is it, the spring day of Billboard?~~~

9. [+43][-0] Unbelievable….

10. [+40][-0] They’re really establishing historical achievements in K-pop… Who would’ve known that starting from a small/medium-sized company, they would become so successful to the point where they can be compared with The Beatles in other countries… Dissing them is really just showing a sense of inadequacy.

11. [+39][-0] Even when they weren’t No.1, they always maintained the No.7 spot kekekekeke. They’re really amazing.