His physique is crazy.


1. [+41][-3] Like this kind of vibe.. haa

2. [+34][-3] A 3rd gen chaebol playing golf as his hobby… he’s exactly that kind of material. Look at his shoulders..

3. [+30][-3] Even with blurry eyes I can still tell that’s Sehun from his shoulders ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

4. [+24][-0] Kwangsoo x Sehun is a very nice duo~ Please be friends forever❤️

5. [+20][-0] Nice to see him with Kwangsoo-hyung.

6. [+17][-0] FYI, the arrow is pointing to Lee Kwangsoo.

7. [+12][-0] Insane, anyone can tell that’s Oh Sehun keke Look at his physique, daebak.

8. [+8][-0] No wait, that’s insane, is he really human?

9. [+6][-0] The funny thing about their relationship is: Sehun x Kwangsoo, Kwangsoo x D.O., D.O. x Sehun, it’s an infinite circle keke

10. [+5][-0] Whenever there’s a post about him, are the comments always like this?

11. [+3][-0] Even from afar, we can see his small face, 90 degree shoulders and white skin~ Oh Sehun.