R E A L L Y shocked by the way An Yoojin holds her chopsticks.

What’s that….


1. [+398][-90] Look in the mirror. No shock is greater than that.

2. [+349][-188] Weird…

3. [+243][-131] No but how does the way she holds her chopsticks have anything to do with you;;?

4. [+182][-38] There’s no need to hold it the correct way though.. That’s a bit too much??

5. [+150][-49] But that’s a bit weird indeed.. ㅠㅠ It’s better if she fixes it if she’s gonna step into society.

6. [+122][-90] What are her parents doing?.

7. [+82][-30] Wow, weird.

8. [+74][-72] You kkondae (old) brat.

9. [+70][-20] Ahh but.. it’s true that it’s weird.. Obviously I do not intend to tell her ‘fix it!!’ if she finds that comfortable, nor do I have the right to.. But it is weird.. indeed. If someone sees her for the first time and she’s holding her chopsticks like that, everyone will find it weird..

10. [+63][-34] Now you’re dragging in the way she holds her chopsticks into the bullshit you’re on? Wow.

11. [+59][-9] Imagine if it was a male idol keke ‘Our baby puppy, even when holding your chopsticks you’re like a 5yo baby, oodangtangtang (noisy sounds)♡♡ People are going to talk bullshit like that and fangirl over that.