But I Think I Know Why ‘Dumb Dumb’ Was a Hit +) Additionally

Basically, the song was chosen really well.

Also, +) She pulled off the concept really well.

Because it’s someone who looks like a foreigner doing the high-teen concept which is trending these days.

She’s legit like an American high-schooler and she suits the concept really well.

She looks fxxking pretty in this one.

I know she’s pretty but I think ‘Dumb Dumb’ was a hit because everything about it is good.

+ Additionally) I didn’t expect this to go on Talkers’ Choice. Firstly, thank you.

From my perspective, ‘Dumb Dumb’ was definitely a hit that’s why I wrote this.

Even if it’s not a mega hit, at least I hear people around me or on social media singing to the song’s chorus (nae meori kkokdaegieseo chumchwo you dumb dumb) a lot. 

Personally, I think Somi’s really pretty in this album, so I wrote this post.


1. [+234][-243] It wasn’t really a hit though..?

2. [+97][-23] People tend to think that Somi’s solo isn’t receiving much attention, but every solo song that Somi released till now received really good results.. The number of views that ‘Birthday’ has on YouTube is fxxking dope, and from what I remember, ‘What You Waiting For’ made it into the top 30 on music charts..?

3. [+80][-10] She fxxking suits the high-teen concept, for real.

4. [+49][-1] I think TikTok and (Instagram) Reels challenge have the greatest effect. Even if the song is good, people only know about it if they always hear it. I think they really worked really hard on promoting the song this time.

5. [+34][-10] What’s ‘Dumb Dumb’? Why was it a hit?

6. [+19][-1] I think the song’s so-so. Personally, I liked ‘Birthday’ most. The ones after that were all so-so ㅠ But Somi is really fxxking pretty.

7. [+15][-0] If it wasn’t because of the lyrics, the song would’ve been really good..

8. [+13][-0] Everyone’s going for the high-teen concept and honestly they’re on roughly the same level in terms of skills but Somi really has the American high-teen face that’s why. It’s not like Korean people tryna do a song with the Korean high-teen feel. Rather than having a Korean do the American high-teen concept, it’s better to have a mixed blood do it.

9. [+11][-12] But I’m a bit sick of Jeon Somi going with the high-teen concept continuously.

10. [+9][-0] The chorus is good but the lyrics are really so-so.

11. [+9][-1] 1. Jeon Somi became fxxking prettier after losing weight. 2. TikTok challenge. 3. The song is brainwashing. Isn’t it because of these reasons?