I split the same image into two halves.. completely different.


1. [+73][-2] Ohh, she looks kinda like Nayeon on the left and Joy on the right.

2. [+69][-1] But I’m more used to seeing her right eye.

3. [+44][-7] Heol, this is amazing. She looks like a whole different person. Her face is half angel half devil.

4. [+33][-1] Princess’s different-sized eyes are really charismatic.

5. [+22][-1] I would think it’s very stressful for celebs because their eyes look even more different on camera but if you look at the most famous actors and actresses, many of them have different-sized eyes and they’re all really charismatic.. For actors, there’s Ju Jihoon, Kang Dongwon, Kim Soohyun.. All of them are top actors. You can see both the angel and the devil in their faces at the same time. If you see them in real life, it isn’t really obvious and they just look charismatic. Joy also knows that her different-sized eyes are charismatic, that’s why she didn’t get plastic surgery to change anything.

6. [21][-1] It’s like Red (left) / Velvet (right)… She’s so pretty.

7. [+9][-2] I like celebs with different-sized eyes. They look unique.

8. [+9][-1] Ohh that’s fxxking dope. Both look pretty.

9. [+7][-1] 99% of the fandom go crazy over that… I love Joy’s different-sized eyes.

10. [+3][-0] The left pic represents more of her overall image, this is amazing, how does this work?

11. [+1][-0] If it’s a picture of her facing straight at the camera, it’s a lot more obvious.