If I’m chubby you call me fat. If I’m skinny you call me sick. If I wear comfy thick clothes you say I look like a guy. If I wear tight clothes you say it’s erotic. If I eat a lot you call me a pig. If I eat very little you say I’m picky. If I like luxury brands you call me a doenjang-nyeo (satirical expression to describe women who are addicted to luxury and vanity). If I like generic brands you call me out for not knowing how to dress myself nicely. Haters are gonna hate no matter what, it’s best for me to live my own life as I wish. 
(pic picked up from the internet)


1. [+298][-11] Taeyeon just likes to post funny or relatable pics on her story whenever she sees them on the internet, please stop making weird assumptions thinking you know what she’s tryna convey… You do that all the time, looking at the posts on theqoo and Pann. Just see it as a picture, that’s it. 

2. [+157][-10] I really hope she didn’t see anything mean. 

3. [+91][-100] Even if she saw malicious comments, it wouldn’t be on Pann.. SM knew about the existence of Pann last last year. 

4. [+84][-3] It’s just very true words, what’s wrong.. 

5. [+70][-6] keke there must be many surprised people here. Just few days ago, there was a post saying it’s annoying how she’s pretending to be a princess on ‘Amazing Saturday’, cursing at her. Although there are more disagrees, look at the number of agrees, sigh…

[Taeyeon Was So Awkward on Amazing Saturday.. 
Taeyeon is the only one dressing up as a princess. 
Everyone’s trying to be funny on the variety show because that’s the concept. Taeyeon’s the only one acting like she’s a princess and it didn’t fit the show’s concept. 
On Amazing Saturday, idols show off their talent 
And try to make other laugh. She doesn’t really know how to drop her pride. 

1. [+356][-266] Agreed. Feels like she’s doing her own thing. 

2. [+280][-99] You make me feel really uncomfortable. Lemme purify this place with our unnie. 

3. [+263][-188] Tbh we can tell she’s aged. When will shesop pretending to be a baby, pretending to be cute.. Rather than princess syndrome, it’s more like queen syndrome.. But because she’s good at pretending she’s not like that, it seems like the can go a long away because of the good reaction she’s receiving. 

4. [+137][-97] Wow everyone felt it. I miss Hyeri. ]

6. [+69][-2] Feel like anyone can relate to that post kekekeke 

7. [+42][-3] Haters hate no matter what, they’re just waiting for a chance. Taeyeon must be fxxking tired of them. 

8. [+40][-6] Don’t tell me people who are saying unreasonable things here read that bullshit post..??? I’m worried ㅠㅠ 

9. [+36][-72] Taeyeon ah this shouldn’t come from you. Ever since debut, are there any other members who’ve been involved in as much controversies as you in SNSD. You ruin your image every now and then. 

10. [+35][-4] Taeyeon likes to save and post pictures. But it seems like Pann-nyeos are feeling attacked keke Don’t forget that the unreasonable malicious post from few days ago had over 1000 thumbs up.