Lee Hyunjoo April bullying scandal

[Hello, I’m Lee Hyunjoo. 

First of all, to briefly talk about my current situation, because my younger brother who was sued is still a student, our whole family has been focusing on responding to the lawsuit. And, although I haven’t heard from the police yet, I found out through the news that I’ve also been sued. So, moving forward, it seems we’ll have to prepare for my lawsuit as well. I know a lot of people are showing concern and support for us. I sincerely thank you. I have been responding well so far and I think I’ll be able to continue doing well in the future. 

I’m writing today because there is an aspect that I’m a bit concerned about. As you are aware, a lot of things have happened recently, and I know better than anyone else that personal attacks or malicious comments are painful and unbearable. I’m healthy and doing well now, but looking at the recent situation, I feel worried because it reminds me of the times when I was physically and mentally unhealthy. I do not wish the pain I received to also be given to others. 

Anyone can take wrong actions. However, if those who took wrong actions admit they were wrong and try to correct themselves, I think they can be forgiven and those actions can be called mistakes. Therefore, I earnestly ask for personal attacks and malicious comments about the (APRIL) members and acquaintances to stop. 

Until now, I’ve been trying to live with gratitude for the smallest things that bring me happiness. Everyone has the right to be happy, and I hope that can be achieved. 

Perhaps especially because it’s raining today, but I’m more worried than usual about various things. I wish you all a happy Friday, and thank you for reading my rambling post.] 

That’s so generous, Hyunjoo,,, 


1. [+821][-7] The difference in the wording is so big.. ^^ 

[Looking at her YouTube channel and Instagram, she seems to be happy these days. 

Now, I would like to make things right again. 

I’ve endured as much as I could, 

I just want her to know that the attention and popularity she earned 

from a wrong way like such will not last forever.] 

2. [+757][-7] That’s why we can’t be neutral. Look at the other members’ comments. “Hyunjoo is bad. We didn’t do anything wrong, so please scold Hyunjoo. Support us please..” Nuances, while framing her dishonesty… the perpetrator and that handful of fans are bullying her severely once again, saying she deserves to be an outcast as if they were reciting a Buddhist prayer. She’s really generous.. 

3. [+601][-3] When Hyunjoo left APRIL and participated in The Unit, APRIL’s fans scolded her and left malicious comments telling her to die, that’s why she knows it’s hard to bear personal attacks or malicious comments, is she Bodhisattva? 

4. [+280][-3] Just looking at this, I can already imagine the atmosphere in APRIL. Let’s talk behind someone’s back in front of the camera. Let’s bully someone and make them an outcast. Let’s pretend someone is invisible. Is there any other girl group who does this? This is their daily routine. 

5. [+201][-3] God Hyunjoo… Kids these days are rude. This bullshit is just ridiculous. Different from the T-ara case ^^ APRIL, disband~ 

6. [+200][-3] Their agency’s comment part-timers’ love saying, “I think it’s the same as T-ara’s case. I’ll stay neutral~” This case is different from T-ara’s. Wake up from your dreams, guys. 

7. [+195][-0] Hyunjoo ah…. But they’re not reflecting on their mistakes… 

8. [+176][-0] But lol, their members suck at using their brain. Even if they feel wronged, if there’s only one person who sincerely reflected on themselves and apologized, they wouldn’t have been tied with others among this absurdity. If the members all say it’s her fault how can this controversy ever be solved lol. And also, the moment the actual victim requests for personal attacks and malicious comments about them to stop, it’s already game over. 

9. [+147][-1] APRIL xxx -> I’ve had enough and you’re living happily, change things back to how they used to be. Hyunjoo -> Because I know the pain I’ve endured, I hope this pain does not go to others. 

10. [+145][-2] Kim Chaewon said during their early debut days, Hyunjoo didn’t show up to their KBS Music Bank dry rehearsal, and was stigmatized by the PD and staff.. if she was stigmatized at that time, in 2018 when she participated in The Unit, produced by KBS, it doesn’t make sense for her to receive love from the PD and even get selected as a debut member. KBS is a conservative broadcasting system, there’s no way they’re gonna choose someone who boldly didn’t show up and was stigmatized as a member. 

11. [+130][-2] When Hyunjoo wrote a letter to Lee Jinsol, just from her wording you can tell she is nice with manners, it’s so obvious it’s the default.