Because I always look at their stage pictures only that’s why I couldn’t feel the youth beauty? In them, but recently they’ve been dressing up like uni students and they really look like they’re students criii niece is proud.

Lastly a close-up.. Fila I love you. 


1. [+91][-11] Dope 

2. [+80][-11] Lying down again 

3. [+67][-8] Kim Taehyung is fxxking handsome.. 

4. [+31][-30] Agree or disagree 

5. [+30][-4] Gimme a respirator please.. 

6. [+25][-4] Becus screenshots are too funny I’m gonna leave a close-up as a gift before I go kekekekekeke Kim Taehyung is fxxking handsome close-ups are my love.. 

7. [+23][-5] My school didn’t have people like this ^_ㅠ.. 

8. [+21][-2] Jungkook really looks like he’s an athlete student. 

9. [+19][-19] Look at him tryna hide his tattoo kekekekekekekeke