G)I-DLE Miyeon is the New Ambassador of eSpoir❤️

eSpoir and Miyeon go well together

eSpoir x Miyeon following MAC x Minnie⚘️


1. [+58][-3] Just when I was wondering why Miyeon isn’t shooting ads for cosmetic products with her visuals… Personally I wanna see her in jewelry ads too, because I think she’ll suit well.

2. [+44][-2] She suits well kekekeke Kim MACnie and Jo eSpoir

3. [+40][-2] Will it be this kind of vibe…? Love it so much

4. [+22][-1] Wow the people in charge really have a good eye. Both eSpor and MAC suit Miyeon and Minnie perfectly.

5. [+16][-1] Lovely❤️