Honestly, BTS Jimin

I didn’t understand why he was popular at all.

But yesterday I accidentally came across his ‘Fake Love’ fancam and he just looks so different.. 

He’s freaking sexy.

I was so crazy I even watched his ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ fancam.

I like Jimin so much.. Sorry for misunderstanding all this time.. *sobs*


1. [+225][-24] Check out Jimin’s ‘Perfect Man’ fancam, he’s a crazy guy (in a good way).

2. [+212][-20] Every phenomenon has a reason.

3. [+175][-22] Once Jimin catches your eye, it’s game over. You can’t get out of it.

4. [+110][-64] Looks like you JIM in-ed, gon be hard for you to JIM out kekekekeke

5. [+55][-4] … The shock I felt when I first watched Jimin’s performance. First time crying from watching someone dance. I always think – it would’ve been better if he’d appeared more often on TV, so that I would’ve noticed him earlier ㅜ